George S. Courtis, who’s medium is colored pencil on water color paper, was born in Paterson New Jersey the son of a New York Daily News Driver.  A product of the 70’s, he has been influenced by a vast array of media.  Music, television, movies and most of all, art… “ My parents exposed us to a lot.  They loved to show my sister and I that life is fun, beautiful and precious.”  His mother Gertrude is a spitfire, accomplished in her own right… “She taught me how to write… ie, stories, poetry, etc.”...  The matriarch of the family with a fast Irish tongue, lawyers fear her to this day... “Growing up in a close family is a major part of who I am today.”  His aunt Miriam Douma was an Eastern Airlines stewardess in the 70’s, the heyday of all the glamour of travel… “She taught me about fashion and attitude.”  His God Mother Margaret Mignone, was his biggest influence… “She was an artist I can only aspire to be like.”...  She showed him how to see with the artist eye.  “Everything has color, contrast, texture and form… be true to your passion and create.  I am blessed to come from a family of strong women and hardworking men and it transcends in my art.”

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